I received Thiet’email yesterday. He want to introduce his hometown.


I am Thiet, full name Luong Van Thiet. I come from Nghe An province.  I am aThai person. I was born and grew up in Con Cuong District; it is a district high mountain in Nghe An province. Have you ever visited Nghe An province? What do you often think about my country!

In my opinion, Nghe An province is very poor, natural conditions are difficult. There are some natural areas such as Vinh city, Cua Lo town. Vinh city in east of Nghe An, and sea areas in Cua Lo town. The sea is very clean, beautiful and has a lot of interests. There are hills, mountains, high mountains in northwest Districts such as Con Cuong, Ky Son, Quy Chau. One of specific characteristics of my province is that the tropical climate is very hot and dry. Especially it is the hottest in summer from April to August and winter is very wet and cold. Nghe An is the biggest province, which has natural areas of about 16.487 km2. My province does not have many companies, factories to develop industry so most Nghe An people are unemployed (jobless). Nghe An people are not rich, especially people in mountains and high mountains such as in my district. Nghe An people love to study because Nghe An people want to change their life to a better life.

My district has Khe Kem waterfall and rapids are very beautiful in the north of Viet Nam. Waterfalls that are about 70m long have a lot of big trees, a lot of fish, wild animals such elephants, tigers, pants, wild rabbits, wild pigs. Every year thousands of visitors come to my country to discover Khe Kem waterfall. Their life ethnics are living on waterfall very poor. They always live shifting cultivation wandering hill tribes. Why are we very poor? Last 4 years ago, I was a volunteer Dan Lai village on waterfalls. I went to their place on waterfall, I saw and was absolutely clear their life. From then on, I have helped change of life Dan Lai ethnic, helped them farming, grown water rice. I always want working ethnics living my district, the first owner Thai ethnic.

If you discover hill and high mountain in Nghe An, you choose to climb mountains and visit Thai, Kho Mu, Tho (Dan Lai, Ly Ha, Tay Pong), Hmong, O Du, Dan Lai, Hoa. Culture tourism is very popular here. Nghe An has a tourism place in Nam Dan district, Ho Uncle’s home. This is a special place for tourism in Nghe An, every year millions of visitors visit this place.  

I think if I studied for a master in a foreign country, I am going to help my country a lot. Especially I will help to bring into play the ethnic culture in my country.  I will help many people if I have known ledge, experience that I learn from developed countries in the world. I think I can help my country; especially, I can help the poor in my district and other districts in high mountains in Nghe An. Lotus is the flower that is used as a symbol of the Vietnamese, especially Nghe An people. I am going to use Lotus to express my hope and dream in future.

Một số hình ảnh về Nghệ An

Hoàng Trù

Pu Mat national park

Khe Kem water fall



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