My unforgettable vacation!

My unforgettable vacation!

      Writing by : Lê Thi Mai Lương

Let me tell you how I spent my unforgettable vacation. I’m a teacher, so after the end of school last year, I chose to relax the mind by traveling with my friends. We decided to spend some days in Nha Trang.
Nha Trang has one of the most beautiful beachs in the country and its allure as a site of the ancient Cham culture. We reached Nha Trang beach in the late hours of evening Saturday. We satyed there for two days. We visited Intiture of Ocean nography and Ponaga tower. Here, we understood the very interesting such as: Mao Tien fish, dance triditional Cham and any more. Then, we went to swimming in the sea, “tam bun” and tried the sea food.
The second day, we went Vinpearl Land. Here we enjoyed games in the theme park and listened to “water” music. We felt happy. Especially, I liked to take a stroll along the beach,because while walking is good for my body, the sea seemed to have a remarkable influence with / upon my mind.
The sea breeze,  which blows over me, is indeed soothing and comfrotable ( or The sea breeze,  blowing  over me, is indeed soothing and comfrotable). The tranquilizing effect that the sea had upon/with me, made me understood how so many people ever rushed to the sea, stress, worries into the sea. When we came back home, I got carsick, but I had a wonderful time.


5 phản hồi to “My unforgettable vacation!”

  1. Ta Quoc Says:

    My unforgettable vacation!
    Last week, I went to Vung Tau City with some friends. We stayed there for two days. Vung Tau has one beautiful sea beach. We visited a lot of places for sigh seeing.
    On the First day, we visited a museum and bought a lot of souvenirs. We went to the beach in the morning. We swam in the sea, but the salty water was very dirty. Vung Tau beach is bigger than Ninh Thuan but it is very attractive too. And yet, we felt comfortable when we stayed in front of one large sea. We didn’t like to take photographs because we didn’t needed.
    On the second day, we went to visit the Jesus statue, Monkey temple and Bay Hon scenes, but we liked to enjoy the Jesus statue. We decided to get on the top of the Jesus statue because it is very tall. We felt comfortable and looked at the sea. And then, we went out to eat sea food in front of the beach and talked about a few stories in our life.
    I think we only have got two days in Vung Tau, but we feel like fun too. That is a good vacation. I don’t forget Vung Tau and my friends.

    Writing by : Chau Tan Luc

  2. taquoc Says:

    Nỗi Buồn…!

    Một chút riêng tư thoáng buồn trong ánh mắt,
    Một nỗi bâng khuân cứ lần mãi bước ta đi.
    Nỗi buồn bâng quơ dấu hằn trong tóc
    Nỗi ưu phiền in dấu bước chân ai?

    Về đâu hỡi em khi phố buồn trong vắt
    Bỗng chốc hư vô tan nát cả tâm hồn
    Suốt mãi đời em xen vàng lá trúc
    Lặng lẽ buồn, khóc mãi chút hương xưa.

    Tá Quốc

  3. taquoc Says:

    A little privacy in open sad eyes,
    One spoke in movies every time we step away forever
    Vague with sadness in his head hair
    Sign that troubles in one step

    On the street where little sad when you clear
    Suddenly nothing broken soul
    Throughout my life forever alternating gold leaf structure
    Quietly sad, little tears off the old flavor

    Tá Quốc

  4. taquoc Says:

    NO NAME !

    Who said, has anyone ever told?

    For more skeptical in spite vague,

    With the months and days of idle

    Who told you to neglect on the sunny afternoon

    Who told you not say,

    Care, sorrow over the corner of his eye

    Lemon pleased to keep on our own.

    They look a bit cold carving

    Hand bag with care elsewhere

    Knowing that he no longer own?

    With no hands to themselves to float

    Love life has never count needs to close

    Never know who told us?

    Ta Quoc.

  5. taquoc Says:


    Ai bảo em không nói,
    Để chi hoài cứ mãi bâng quơ,
    Ai bảo em cứ thờ ơ khi nắng về chiều
    Với ngày còn tháng đến vu vơ
    Ai bảo, có bảo ai bao giờ?
    Ưu tư, phiền muồn qua khóe mắt
    Đến chạnh lòng cứ mãi riêng ta.
    Trông em một thoáng khắc lạnh lùng
    Với tay bao nỗi khắc ưu tư
    Biết rằng ấy chẳng còn riêng ?
    Với tay chẳng với cứ để trôi
    Tình đời có bao giờ cân đong đếm
    Khúc du dương thầm khóc trong tâm tưởng
    Cứ mãi trôi, rồi ta vẫn thế
    Biết đến bao giờ ai bảo ta không ?
    Tá Quốc.

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