Who is he?

Today, I want tell you about our friend _ a man in our class in HCMC.

 I have heard about him for eight months while I was studying English in An Giang  university. His studying the same as mine because both of us didn’t arrange our work. It’s very difficult for us to attend that course. I was more fortunatly than him. I have studied there for a week.

     I first met him at the beginning of this course. This times, his life is different from mine. His leader allowed him to study in this class but I didn’t. I hope he can get what he want.

    He sings and write poems very well. He can remember a lot of songs. Whenever, he sings, we feel excited. So all of us sing along with him. He always willing to help people who need his help about their problems like he shows them how to write a application form. He’s an enthusiastic, optimistic and comfortable. It’s very difficult for him to study English but he always tries to his best and  work very hardly. He often asks someone  about lessons that he doesn’t understant.

    Now, He, my roommates and me study in the guest house together to practice speaking English every evening. He is come from Ninh Thuan province. Guess who is he?

                                                   The room  403 guess who is he ?


Một phản hồi to “Who is he?”


    If I answer right, I will have gift from the room 403!
    He is Mr Luc, he come from Ninh Thuan province. He is a bank taller at Agribank in Ninh Phuoc District. He also used to be a journalist for banking times. He can sings and write poem very well.
    Thank you the room 403 very much.

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