Welcome you to Lao Cai!

Welcome you to Lao Cai!

Today, I want to introduce something about my hometown. In Lao Cai, there are many nice places for you to visit and the weather is so beautiful. Welcome you to Lao Cai. I am ready to become a tour guide for you around my hometown.

In Lao Cai, there are some famous places for you to go to. First you can visit Thuong temple, where our country’s heroes are worshipped. This temple worships Tran Hung Dao. Every year, we organize festivals on January 15th lunar calendar. We phuc dung rituals and offer incents. After that, we organize fights as before. We have some folklore culture games such as Nem con, danh du, dau vat, choi ga, ban no etc. Then we visit Mau temple where Mau Lieu Hanh mother is worshipped. One of four forever lives (tu bat tu) of  Việt Nam. Then, we continue going to the border between Việt Nam and China. Then we go across the bridge to visit China. In the middle of bridge, we can see two colours on one river. One is blue of Nam Thi River and the other one is pink of Red river. Lao Cai is near Van Nam province of China.

Sapa is the best choice for everybody. It’s 35 kilometers far from Lao Cai. It is a quiet and peace town. There are 4 seasons in a day and people usually call SaPa is the town in fog. There are 13 ethnic groups in Sapa. Coming here, you will see an old pagoda, love market, ancient civilization, old book, cloudy bridge, silver fall, Muong Hoa valley, Ham Rong mountain, Fansifan mountain, Hoang Lien national forest and go to villages to stay with ethnic peoples. Many colours of flower and traditional clothes mix with the green of forests. There are minor streams, warm stream watesr, etc.

You will surprise with the peach blossom, and plum blossom like you are in

JaPanish or Chinise. You also see the most beautiful terraces field in Asian. Many wild animals, plants of tropical forest you can enjoy there.

You can enjoy some special foods and drinks such us Salmon fish, a small pig

 ( lon cap nach), forest gout, black chicken, Sticky, Thang co horse, etc. There many kinds of wine for you to choose: Hmong people cook wine made of corn (ruou ngo ban pho). Dao people wine made of cereals (San Lung), Beer of Ha Nhi ethic.  Cao luong my tuu, Tao Meo wine, sau chit wine, Nam Pung wine, etc.

You can take a bath in a big wooden box with herbal of Dao ethnic. That makes your heath stronger and comfortable after a long journey.

At night, you can visit drinking, food market. Many kinds of food can be grilled here such us grilled stream fish, grilled sticky (com lam nuong), grilled gout, grilled eggs, grilled corn, grilled sugar – cane, grilled sweet potatoes…

In the morning, you can enjoy many kinds of tea such us Shan- snow tea (tea trees grown on the top of mountain that has snow in winter.) bitter tea, plant tea, Atiso tea, Linh chi tea, etc.

There is a hindland, so you can see the view and wonderful sightseeing. The temperatures are good, so you can sleep well and enjoy many services if you request. You can go outside the hotel and enjoy burning the tree and watching ethnic people perform art. There are many interesting things, charming and different for you to conquer and discover.

Besides Sapa, There are many beautiful places for you to choose such us Muong Khuong, Bac Ha, Van Ban, Bat Xat. Each place has private character for you to discover. So i hope in the near future, I will meet you at Lao Cai province.

Đỉnh Fansifan


Khám phá di tích đá cổ Sa Pa




Ruộng bậc thang

Sapa - thị trấn trong sương

Thiếu nữ Hmông làm duyên bên Cầu Mây – Cát Cát – Sa Pa

 Rừng nguyên sinh Lao Cai



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