Show topic 3. the book you like


Hey, do you like reading book? Let’s discuss about your favorite kind of books. And, please recommend some books which you find the most attractive. I may find and read them!
Thank you for your attentions ! :lol:


Một phản hồi to “Show topic 3. the book you like”

  1. Thom Says:

    I don’t like reading book. I know it is not good habit but i make effort to change now. When I was a student I read some books, its really attractive such us: detective story of Sydney seldom writer: Nếu còn có ngày mai “If tomorrow comes”, Thiên thần nổi giận “Rage of Angels”, Người đa nhân cách “the multiple personality”, Cát bụi thời gian”Dust time”, Hãy kể giấc mơ của em “please tell me your dreams”, Kí ức nửa đêm “midnight memories”…I also like romantic story. Such us: Tiếng chim hót trong bụi mận gai “Birds sing in the dust blackthorn”. Cuốn theo chiều gió “Gone with the Wind”. Some classic novel: Ruồi trâu “horsefly”, Những người khốn khổ “Les Misérables” ba chàng lính ngựa lâm “Three Musketeers”, Trà hoa nữ “Camellias”, bố già”god father”.. sometime I also read comic and laughing a lone.I read “conan”, “doremon”,”harry porter”, nữ hoàng ai cập…
    I know all the details in the story is bogus but its very alluring, attractive .
    I usually read some books about my job, but they are only written by my boss. If we want open our knowledge, please read a lot of books. Its is interesting to read everyday.

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