About Mr. Khoi


                                                                                                         April, 5th 2010

Name: Khôi

      I went to student volunteers in Tuyen Quang province for 5 years ago. We explored the design and construction of two communal path. We opened two literacy classes for people in the commune. We propagated traffic rules for  the people here.  We have been very successful, but we met a sad story. I will never forget it, because it is the death of a boy. He is 11 years old.  He died because of electrocution. Summer afternoon, when his parents wasn’t at home. He and his sister pulled out electric fishing pond. He died of electric shock. His father was very sorry because he had fishing wire. His mother cried no tears and very regretful. We buried him in the night sky rain.

       I came back Tuyên Quang in 2007, but I not met his family, because his family moved away from in 2006. The ways we work is very good. Then, I felt happy memories and sad memories. I am going to come back here, if I have free times.

Công việc của chúng tôi

Khoi TN keo dat


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