Show topic 1: What animal do you like best?”


Chủ đề thảo luận tối Chủ nhật ngày 04/04/2010:

 “What animal do you like best?”

Thời gian: 7h00 – 8h30 tại tiền sảnh lầu 4.

Xin thông báo để anh chị tập trung đúng giờ và để thuận tiện cho buổi thảo luận, xin các anh chị hãy chuẩn bị trước nội dung chuẩn bị theo chủ đề.



Các anh chị có thể chọn học thuộc những động vật mà bạn thấy gần gũi và cần thiết cho việc trao đổi của các bạn. Isvan có sưu tầm một số hình ảnh để anh chị cùng xem. Chúc anh chị có buổi học thú vị!


Fish and Reptiles


1. sea horse 2. trout 3. swordfish (a. tail, b. fin, c. gill)
4. eel 5. shark 6. stingray
7. flounder 8. alligator 9. (garter) snake
10. rattlesnake 11. cobra 12. turtle
13. iguana 14. salamander 15. lizard
16. tadpole 17. frog 18. tortoise (a. shell)



1. pigeon (a. wing) 2. hummingbird 3. crow (a. beak)
4. sea gull 5. eagle 6. owl
7. hawk (a. feather) 8. blue jay 9. robin
10. sparrow 11. cardinal 12. ostrich
13. egg 14. canary 15. parakeet
16. parrot 17. woodpecker 18. peacock
19. pheasant 20. turkey 21. rooster
22. chick 23. chicken 24. pelican (a. bill)
25. duck 26. goose 27. penguin
28. swan 29. flamingo 30. stork
31. nest 32.roadrunner  

Simple Animals





Mammals 2


1. koala 2. armadillo 3. kangaroo (a. tail, b. hind legs, c. pouch, d. forelegs)
4. bat 5. anteater 6. chipmunk
7. rat 8. gopher 9. mouse
10. squirrel 11. porcupine (a. quill) 12. beaver
13. rabbit 14. hippopotamus 15. llama
16. rhinoceros (a. horn) 17. elephant (a. horn, b. tusk) 18. zebra
19. bison 20. pony 21. horse (a. mane)
22. foal 23. donkey 24. lamb
25. sheep 26. deer 27. fawn
28. goat 29. giraffe 30. hog
31. calf 32. cow 33. camel (a. hump)
34. bull 35. moose (a. antler, b. hoof)  
1. caterpillar 2. cocoon 3. butterfly
4. dragonfly (a. wing) 5. cricket 6. grasshopper
7. mantis 8. scorpion (a. sting) 9. cockroach
10. beetle 11. termite 12. ant
13. mosquito 14. ladybug 15. web
16. spider 17. firefly 18. fly
19. bee 20. wasp 21. moth
22. centipede    
1. snail (a. shell, b. antenna) 2. oyster 3. mussel
4. slug 5. squid 6. octopus
7. starfish 8. shrimp 9. crab
10. scallop 11. worm 12. jellyfish (a. tentacle)
13. lobster (a. claw)  

10 phản hồi to “Show topic 1: What animal do you like best?””


    The animals I like
    My family has many animals such as ducks, chickens, cats, dogs, geese, fish and buffalos. My parents feed them every day. They are very noisy but I like looking at them when they are eating. I feel close to nature.
    I like the best the animal is a buffalo. My family has two buffalos. They are male buffalos. They help my family with farming work in the fields. My father always leads the buffalos the field every day. The buffalos are often used to pull a plough on the land. Each harvest, the buffalos often pull carts. This work is very hard but they are very strong, so I think they help my family for a long time. When I was a child, I often took the buffalos to the grass in the field. My childhood was attached to the buffalos in the green field. At that time, they were very lovely and strong but now, they are very old and cannot do hard work. So my father will sell them and will buy the new young buffalos for his work.
    I will not forget them because they used to help my family so much and my childhood used to be attached to them.

  2. Young forever Says:

    I have a Tibetan Spaniel and although I’ve had dogs before, this animal is so intelligent and so loving that I have ordered another pup (which will hopefully be born today). These dogs are very, very loyal and are fantastic “watch dogs”. They were bred to turn the prayer wheels for the monks in Tibet. They don’t need much exercise, but do love a walk. They have minimum care, but do love a brush. They don’t have a dog-smell – one of the few breeds that don’t – but they do shed hair – which is a small price to pay for such a beautiful pet. We named her Ko Ka Na Da which is Tibetan for “Red Lotus” and we have chosen Bo Dhi for the new pup which means either “wisdom” or “white daffodil”.

  3. Au Hanh Says:

    There are a lot of Animals in the world, but I know about some animals: pig, chicken, cow, bull, buffalo, tiger, bear, cheetah, snail, dolphin, parrot, owl, elephant, duck, monkey, turtle, dove, dog, cat, mice/rat/ mouse, bees, mosquito, amphibian, birds, fish, bunny, horse, snack…. I like the best animal a dolphin. Because it is very cute and friendly with person. Beside it is very intelligent and maybe it help person when met dangerous on the beach. Many the Dolphins can do circus and paint, so it is can make many money for person. Although I like Dolphin but I can’t raise it in the house because it is big and it need in the large place as the beach. So, when I have free time, I usually come to the zoo in Tuan Chau island to look it. There are many Dolphins but I like the best blue grey Dolphin. It name is Bush. It color blue grey. It is about long 2m. It is very larger tail but fin very small. It’s smaller than other Dolphin but It is very best intelligent. It likes to jump up every time someone feed it. I have ever play with it since 2 hours without feeling bored

  4. bepenuol Says:

    if you ask me what animals i like. i answer that i like a lot of animals such as bees, chicken, duck, goose, parrot. My family has three gooses. They can lay eggs. Their eggs are larger than duck eggs. I prefer goose egg to duck egg. What do you prefer, chicken egg or duck egg? Why ? or why not?

  5. Phuong Says:

    My thoughts about animals
    Animals in the world are plentiful and have many shapes and forms. I know about 30 animals: cat, dog, chicken, mouse (ran), pig, goose, duck, horse, cow, bull, buffalo, camel, elephant, beer, panda, lion, tiger, emu (ostrich), rabbit(bunny), monkey, alligator, snack, fish, wale, dolphin, shack, sea horse, tortoise, turtle, mosquito, bee, parrot, dove, etc.
    One of the animals I like the best is dogs. I like them because they are very intelligent and very faithful to their owner. They help their owner to guard the house, and go hunting. Especially, they can help their owner when their owner is in danger and help the police to find bad guys/evildoers. A lot of dogs are clever jugglers.
    The furs of dogs have a lot of colors. In my hometown, everybody calls a dog “Muc” if it has a black coat, calls a dog “Vang” if it has a blond coat, calls a dog “Ven” if it has a black and white coat, and calls a dog “Khoang” if it has a coat with a lot of colors. Most dogs are very cute, but some dogs look fearful because they are very big and violent. But you should not be afraid of them. If you are afraid of them, they are more violent because they think wrongly you are a thief. If you take good care of them, they will be nice to you.
    Please treat dogs well.

  6. Thom Says:

    In my family I have a white small cat so I like her best. Sometimes she jump up to my bed and sleep with my son and me. Although she has a soflty hairy, a warm body but she can make my son have asthma so I didn’t agree with her. She is very mischievous. She always sunbathing when the sun shine. She likes lying around my feet and play with my trousers, play with my ribbon, my shoes..ete. sometimes can feel blue with my sadly. She can understand my feelings. She is always happy with my happiness. She is often sad with my sadness. the most interesting thing i like her because i can bare my heart to her and she never betray a secret. When my son cried, she could make him fun and play his small ball. She is lightly and skillfully.
    Why don’t you ask me: What kind of insects do i hate best?
    I want to tell to you i hate dog flea best. When i went to work they bit me and made me inch. They made my skin blackish and have scabies so i hate them best.second I hate sangullsuga. They made me terrified when i went to grow rice on the field. Now i thankful them because afraid of them made my try to escape the field. And now I am not a farmer like my parents. In my job I try my best helping the farmer have a better life.

  7. Chau Tan Luc Says:

    The animal I like so much!
    When I was a child. I have gone to the zoo many times with my father in hometown. I have ever seen a big Tiger in the Zoo but I felt very afraid. Every one, my father told me : “ No, you don’t worry, it my there, you can tease him .
    Without question, Tigers are also one of the most rare in the world. In my zoo at hometown, He is a male. He is a very strong and can bite a lot of animal short time. So, I have ever heard a bout him was very aggressive.
    I know, many peoples don’t like them, because they can kill my son when he meet them any where. That’s idea my grandfather.
    Despite, I still like them because when I feel disappoint, I often go to the Zoo I look them, I feel stronger and don’t nevous from the Tiger.

    Chau Tan Luc

  8. meoluoi Says:

    My favorite animal!
    I like a parrot for many years. I bought her in the market. Parrot is famous bird. She is not big and not too small. Her name is Dam Vinh Hung, because she has a colorful fur as Dam’s hair. He is a famous singer my favorite.
    First, she looks very cute. Whenever she makes up colorful fur. She often understand me. After, I work hard from high school and I feel very tired or bored. At this time, she sings so lovely, I feel better, more comfortable and I love my life so much.
    Second, she is very intelligent. I can teach her how to speak. She can speak some common sentences such as: “hello, hello” or “how are you to day”. When I’m busy with my housework. If there is someone comes to my house , she doesn’t know. I can speak with her when my husband left home. She is greeting and she singing loudly. She is very active when she hops from this branch to another.
    She is so useful for my life. She is friendly to me. I love her very much. I am not going to sell her and take care of her forever.

    Le Thi Mai Luong

  9. Nguyễn Văn Trường Says:

    My favorite animal is a male cat

    Since 2000, my family have had some animals as a dog, a bird, and a cat. Without question, my favorite animal is male cat. I like him very much. My wife and my daughter like him, and my son likes him too now.
    I like him very much because:
    He is very cute because he often lies on my daughter’s thigh. He is clean because my wife often washes for him. He have light green eyes, and he is nimble too.
    Moreover, his claws always is pointed, and he often catches and kills a lot of mice for my family, but he doesn’t eat them. He usually kills between seven and ten mice each month. My wife sometime cooks fish dishes for him. He and my children are close friend. They usually go to have a good time each other when they stay at home. He has been old since last year, but he is strong because we always take care of him.
    I need him. He and I are close friend. Each and all in my family love him very much. He helps me when I come back at home. I am not tired. I am very well after I finished my work. We are very happy.

    Thank you very much.

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