hi Mr. Truong. welcome to IFPLSF2010!

hi Mr. Truong. welcome to IFPLSF2010!

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  1. DANH SOC Says:


    On February When I was working in my office, a post man came to give me a letter. I received the letter from him and held it in my hand. I was very happy indeed. Because this is a good chance for me to improve my English knowledge. When I was a pupil in hight school and a student in Nong Lam University, I was bad at English both in writing and grammar. Later, I graduated from the University, and I have worked for Kien Giang Agricultural Fishery Extension Center since than. Sometimes, I meet foreigners who work for Heifer Project or Jica ( Japan International cooperation agency). I am so nervous and unconfident in speaking English with them.

    Therefore, This is a new English course. I try my best to study hard in order to get more confidence and get good result at work. Therefore, on the day before the English course started in Open University, I booked a ticket for my journey from Kien Giang province to Ho Chi Minh City. On that days, I couldn’t sleep well until I arrived at The youth Guest House in Ho Chi Minh City. While I was coming to the Guest House, I met some new friends. They are friendly and kind. Some of them are older than me and others are younger than me. They come from different zones such the northern, the Central, hight land and the Southern of Viet Nam.

    On the first day, I came to Ho Chi Minh City. Everything seemed strange to me. For example, food, place to live or crowded street,etc. Thus, I felt under pressure. But now adays, I feel happy in my life. I have many good friends and helpful teachers. This is a good memory I never forget.

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